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Check out Brian Applegarth's 14th issue of Cannabis Travel Weekly, republished here with his permission.

LAS VEGAS - Cannabis Lounges Emerge as a New Attraction that Complements the Las Vegas Experience for Visitors

Summary: “We are affording our tourists and people who want to go and consume marijuana a responsible way to do so,” council member Olivia Diaz said before casting a yes vote. The Las Vegas City Council on Wednesday approved regulations for cannabis consumption lounges in one of the industry’s most-watched markets for canna-tourism and hospitality innovation. Under the new rules, smoking and edibles consumption outdoors is allowed. Under the new law, are two new types of licenses related to consumption lounges: One for retailers that want to open consumption lounges on the same property as their retail shops. One for stand-alone lounges that will be limited to single-use products, in the same manner as bars that sell alcohol. #cannabistravel#cannabistourismMJBizCannabis Travel Association International

Travel Lens Commentary: Two differentiators here for Las Vegas. 1.outdoor smoking lounges 2.stand alone lounges. These two capabilities offer a window for innovation and first mover stories for Las Vegas - for a while. Now getting those stories heard and known (marketing) - takes strategy and collaboration. Lounge owners that make the effort to work closely with each other (under a united strategy) and closely with their destination marketing organizations (DMO) - will enjoy unique opportunities. A DMO manages the destination website for the visitor audience. They are the stewards of the 'window to the world', curators of the stories and managers of the over-arching destination brand. I've heard rumblings of a New Amsterdam district concept in Las Vegas - which could be something very special as an attraction. In order to truly serve a wide audience of visitors to Las Vegas, the New Amsterdam district would need to be relatable and accessible to a mainstream visitor audience, welcoming to those visitors who don't smoke and prefer a cannabis beverage instead in a smoke-free environment. Vegas is the perfect destination for this, especially the Effect Pairing cannabis experience suite, pairing cannabis with arts, culinary, and immersive experiences - a total bullseye. #cannabistravelChamber of Cannabis

UNITED STATES - Actions on the Federal Level Demonstrate Why Cannabis Stories are Uniquely Tied to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Summary:President Biden made a series of welcome announcements about cannabis policy last October. One of the most widely applauded among them was his decision to provide pardons to those thousands of Americans with a federal conviction for cannabis possession. Today, people who endured a conviction over small amounts of cannabis are applying for one additional document for our file, a Certificate of Pardon. The Administration’s decision to follow through on this promise represents a serious shift for this President, and for the institution of the White House. Moreover, the fulfillment of these pardons should compel Congress to take action too. Congress can pass laws to clear cannabis-related federal records and to release federal cannabis prisoners, among other actions. #DEI#cannabistravelstorytellingNORMLCalifornia NORML

Travel Lens Commentary: Cannabis is in many ways a story of human rights. These stories can be strategically told via cannabis travel. Equity licensed owned and operated cannabis businesses are a great place to start looking for those stories. DEIA is tied to cannabis legalization history and directly (and negatively) impacted numerous marginalized communities - specifically inner city communities of color, legacy producing regions, and the LGBTQ+ community. In the 1980's, cannabis was the only medicine that helped ease suffering in the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It helped save lives by stimulating appetite, helping patients eat - combatting wasting syndrome. As we consider the landscape and history of cannabis incarcerations - and now the related pending 'Pardons' - we must also remember that cannabis is medicine and was deemed Essential during the pandemic for that very reason. Cannabis was listed and included as part of the United States Medical Journal Pharmacopeia for that reason, medicine. Considering the widespread LEGAL landscape of cannabis today (both medical and adult use/recreational) - a Certificate of Pardon is absolutely called for and much more. Righting the wrongs of the past must be a priority to restore balance. #deia#restorativejusticeMinorities for Medical Marijuana

ATLANTIC CITY - New Jersey Eyes Cannabis Tourism as an Opportunity for Economic Impact

Summary - As the legalization of recreational cannabis attracts more people and cannabis-related businesses to Atlantic City, the resort town is well positioned to become a cannabis tourism destination. Atlantic City has a designated “Green Zone” in which cannabis sales and consumption are legal. In New Jersey, legal recreational cannabis sales totaled more than $100 million from April 21, 2022, when the sales began, to the end of June 2022, state data show. Panelists discussed how recreational cannabis use could impact resort destinations in New Jersey, especially Atlantic City, which already has two medical cannabis dispensaries in the city, with more cannabis-based businesses applying to the state for licenses. Rob Mejia#stocktonuniversity

Travel Lens Commentary: When it comes to cannabis legalization, the northeast US is a region to watch. New York, New Jersey and other states are making moves and most are taking a close look at cannabis travel and tourism as a central part of the strategy. Data shows that the visitor economy matters. Facilitating a visitors cannabis experience (and all that comes with that) is a different exercise than a resident spend, which is often looking for the best discount deal of the day. The recorded cannabis travel panel discussion is available to watch here - Video:

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