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Check out Brian Applegarth's Cannabis Travel Weekly, No. 18, republished here with his permission.

Oakland, California - DMO Demonstrates Inclusivity by Celebrating 4/20 Cannabis Holiday with a DEI-Themed Twist

Summary: "This 420, #chooseequity - blaze the Visit Oakland Cannabis Trail. Join the 420-themed celebration of Oakland's equity-owned cannabis shops, lounges, brands, and related experiences along the Visit Oakland Cannabis Trail. Dubbed '420 Equity Pride', this multi-day adventure gives visitors an opportunity to choose Equity while experiencing cannabis culture like nowhere else in the world. Oakland's Equity Cannabis Trail Experience, curated as an experience to celebrate the 420 holiday in are five equity-owned stops on the trail, plus three must-have Effect Pairing experiences - all courtesy of the Visit Oakland Cannabis Trail." #cannabistravel#cannabistourism#cannabisholiday#cannabistravelaudiencestrategy#effectpairingCannabis Travel Association International

Travel Lens Commentary: When it comes to seasonal strategy related to the visitor economy, the 420 cannabis cultural holiday offers opportunity for destinations to evolve. From a B2B 'partnership development' perspective, April 20th is an annual opportunity for destination marketing organizations to build bridges to the cannabis businesses in the their destination and strategically integrate cannabis into the narrative of the visitor economy. From a B2C perspective, 420 is a moment to strategically reach and attract the cannabis-motivated travel audience, maximizing visitation and economic impact while uplifting local businesses. The 2023 Visit Oakland#this420chooseequity Cannabis Trail experience is an example of the how this holiday is evolving in mainstream travel. The DEI-themed curated two-day Oakland adventure (that also includes Effect Pairing cannabis with DEI-themed art, food, and nature experiences) is a purpose-driven twist on the greater year-round evergreen Oakland Cannabis Trail. The Visit Oakland Cannabis Trail is essentially evergreen tourism infrastructure, an asset that uplifts the role and story of cannabis in the destination. #cannabistravel#cannabistourismApplegarth Consultative Services

Global - Legalization & the Importance of Informed Opinions & Fact-based Education

Summary: "Over the past few years, many countries across Europe have changed their stance on the laws surrounding cannabis use with some decriminalizing it, while others have dropped legal consequences 2022 a survey revealed that 11.5% of British adults said they used cannabis every day.....some countries have even gone so far as to legalize the substance completely - Canada, Georgia, Malta, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand...."

Travel Lens Commentary: Yes, cannabis is legalizing around the world, including Europe. Today, more than 40 countries around the world have legal a cannabis landscape. Major moves are being made right now in Germany, with adult-use recreational access expected in the near future. As far as daily consumption - lets explore that. Many well-informed medical professionals consider cannabis a plant and a vegetable, and make the argument that cannabis may eventually assume the title of a 'dietary essential'. Considered a power green by some due to its nutritional value, juicing cannabis leaves is a rapidly rising trend. Hemp seeds are an optimal source of protein that includes omegas 3 & 6, essential fatty acids, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E and more. Managing chronic daily pain with cannabis topicals or sprays, or using CBN as a sleep aid are not uncommon consumption practices today - all of the above being daily applications of this ancient medicinal plant. In trend-setting cannabis legal markets today - including trend setting travel destinations - CBN-focused products are the flying off the shelves, as are CBD-products. Before using words like 'Addiction', one must take the time to fully understand the latest and greatest science, data, and break-throughs related to the cannabis/hemp as a tool that supports well-being. #drcourtney#drabrams#cannabiswellnesstravel#cannabistravel#cannabistourism#makumethod

Oregon - The Rise of Natural Earth Medicine in Travel

Summary "Oregon regulators issued the state’s first business license under the state’s historic psilocybin therapy program. The licensee received its license to begin manufacturing psilocybin products from Oregon Psilocybin Services — a branch of the Oregon Health Authority. While the substance remains outlawed at the federal level, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted psilocybin mushrooms “breakthrough therapy” status for major depressive disorder in 2018, which has led to clinical trials." #medicaltourism#medicaltravel#transformativetravel#fungiwellness

Travel Lens Commentary: Travel Lens Commentary: Similar to the rise of hemp and cannabis, the fungi kingdom is steadily making itself known for medical and wellness benefits. Mushroom legalization today is similar to where cannabis + hemp were in the late 1990's, but mushrooms are on a faster trajectory. From mushroom-style coffee to transformative travel retreats that focus on deep-dive emotional healing work, fungi are increasingly intersecting with the visitor economy. In the greater fungi kingdom, there are two categories of fungi that need to be approached with caution and intention - 1. poisonous mushrooms/fungi or 2.intoxicating mushrooms/fungi. Let's also recognize that there are approximately 14,000 known varieties and MOST aren't intoxicating nor poisonous. Most fungi varietals, including intoxicating types if approached with intention - contribute to ones health, wellness, and quality of life. The most innovative hotels and destinations are already weaving in fungi to their experience strategy in nuanced ways, reaching the wellness minded travel audience. #fungitravel#transformationaltravel#mendocinowellnesssymposium

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