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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Check out Brian Applegarth's 13th issue of Cannabis Travel Weekly, republished here with his permission.

New Jersey - First-of-its-kind Cannabis Lounge Casino Attraction Gains Momentum

Summary: ...the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority gave its approval last week to a 10,000-square-foot, two-story High Rollers Dispensary, to be located at the Claridge, a 1920s-era former casino located between Park Place and Indiana Avenue, just off the Boardwalk. The Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City is making space on what used to be its casino floor for a cannabis dispensary and lounge that could open as soon as this summer...finalizing its lease from the Claridge and would embark on $3.2 million in renovations, including building a new entrance on Pacific Avenue near Indiana. “We feel it’s a good fit for the city as a whole, to utilize cannabis for tourism,” said Cohn.

Travel Lens Commentary: Destination organizations of today often speak of destination stewardship and destination development. Guiding and managing the destination brand is an important part of that stewardship role. Evolving a destination to demonstrate inclusivity is an important part of both the development role and the stewardship role. Cannabis-related businesses, both medical and recreational, exist in many markets today. They are tax paying small businesses and residents, serving local communities as well as visitors. In this story, a New Jersey-based cannabis experience product doubles as a destination attraction development story. The story includes a hotel (and former casino) adding a cannabis lounge to capture attention from media and attract an audience. Surely a cannabis lounge will bring bodies through the casino door to experience a modern-day cannabis lounge attraction. The cannabis travel audience specifically will yield heads in beds at the hotel, as this will be their preferred place for lodging. #cannabistravel #cannabistourism Cannabis Travel Association International

San Francisco - Pairing Cannabis with Culinary Experiences

Summary:With innovative cannabis lounges sprinkled throughout the city and an award-winning food scene, it’s time to elevate your dining experience. Cuisine and cannabis are proving to be quite the delicious duo. Together, they are capturing global attention—and for good reason. Did you know that cannabis is an amplifier of smell, taste, flavor and texture? San Francisco cannabis lounges welcome pre-dinner crowds to relax, imbibe and awaken senses that enhance a dining experience. #cannabistravel #cannabistourism SF TRAVEL ASSOCIATION

Travel Lens Commentary: It comes down the science. Therapeutic natural compounds that are found in certain types of cannabis cultivars interact with the human body in such a way that stimulates appetite and enhances olfactory senses - specifically the senses of smell, taste, texture and mouth feel. Olfactory sensory neurons are found in a small patch of tissue high inside the human nose. These cells connect directly to the brain and are deeply connected to our core senses, therefore playing a vital role in the targeted sensory enhancement discipline of Effect Pairing cannabis. Consider the texture of octopus versus uni (sea urchin), this is texture; or a deep, complex, and velvety cab vs. a bright, light, and fruity pinot grigio - this is your olfactory center communicating to your brain about a multi-dimension multi-sensory experience. Foodie Effect Pairing cannabis strains often have an abundance of THC present (relative the consumer experience level, of course) and terpene profiles that are often b-caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene-rich. OG Kush and Gorilla Glue are two cannabis cultivars known for these specific cuisine complimentary effects that prime the body for an amplified foodie or dining experience. Cannabis is the new vermouth. The Effect Pairing cannabis method - pairing specific cannabis cultivars with food, art, and nature experiences - will continue to evolve as an adopted method in cannabis travel and tourism. As food pairs with wine, cannabis pairs with activities and experiences. #effectpairingcannabis #cannabisandculinary #theganjatraveler #mindsetandsetting #intention

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