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Check out Brian Applegarth's Cannabis Travel Weekly, No. 17, republished here with his permission.

International - Travel Boycotts Promote Divisiveness and Cause Concern

Summary: "Destinations International is warning destination organizations that current political positioning and legislating may result in the travel and tourism sector becoming political collateral damage. Country sponsored travel boycotts have long been seen as a diplomatic tool to pressure change. Within the United States, the longest running state travel boycott against another state remains California. Currently the state prohibits authorizing travel of state employees to any state that has enacted a law that permits discrimination against same-sex individuals based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Currently the state is boycotting 23 other states. Other states have also engaged in travel boycotts along with numerous individual local governments." Destinations International#inclusivetravel#freedomtotravel#globalcommunity

Travel Lens Commentary: Cannabis consumers, specifically those that prefer an inhalation method of ingestion due to the quick therapeutic onset it offers, are no stranger to stigma. 'Not welcome here' judgment still lingers from a Reefer Madness era of propaganda that promoted an 'us vs. them' mentality rooted in fear and hate, often demonizing the act of smoking 'marihuana' with disturbing images and words. The TRUTH is that cannabis is an ancient plant-medicine that humans have used for centuries, cannabis promotes optimal balance at a biological level, cannabis has been used by cultures all around the world for wellness focused reasons for a long time. So how does the Travel Boycott topic play in? Simply put, ANY action that promotes an 'us vs them' mindset is not helpful and flies in the face of the very essence of travel and cross-cultural communication. Similar to the stigma created by Reefer Madness propaganda, travel boycotts create walls and fracture communication. If walls are created and communication is fractured, how do we evolve together as a global society? How do we seek to understand for the greater good? How do we educate each other respectfully and evolve hearts and minds, or meet in the middle? Travel Boycotts implemented by governments are a problem because we live in a time where we are creating, even negotiating, a re-imagined global culture. The advent of travel and the internet (both very recent history) has connected our world at a level that demands an act of constantly nurturing respectful communication. Global leadership including governments and influential associations and organizations, must lead by example to boycott and ban is not the correct path forward for leaders to model. When travel is politicized and travel boycotts are imposed by governments, it is an action against freedom and promotes a divisive 'us vs them' mindset - something we need much less of in this world. Applegarth Consultative Services#cannabistravelconsultant#destinationmarketing#destinationdevelopment

North Coast, CA - CHLA Spotlights Innovative Cannabis Friendly Accommodations

Summary: “"Borrowing a page from the wine country hospitality playbook, some California boutique hotels and B&Bs have begun cultivating new cannabis-related offerings for a growing segment of travelers seeking cannabis education and experiences. Much like the wine-tasting tours and wine dinners that grew out of California’s ascent to oenophilic stardom after the 1976 Judgment of Paris, some are predicting a similar trend with cannabis. Since California’s legalization of recreational cannabis five years ago, the state has become the U.S.’s top grower. With cannabis-friendly hospitality and experiences to appeal to both cannabis connoisseurs and the newly curious, these hotels are tapping into a flourishing new industry." California Hotel & Lodging Association#cannabistravel#cannabistourism#luxcannabishotel

Travel Lens Commentary: Flourishing new travel trend, indeed. When the California Hotel and Lodging Association spotlights elevated cannabis hotels and experiences, it is a sign of progress. It is another moment that demonstrates how mature the cannabis travel trend is today, in California. The California Hotel and Lodging Association and the California Travel Association have both been including cannabis and hemp in the discussion for years now, supporting their members with navigating the new burgeoning trends. Hemp and cannabis greatly overlap with the sustainability, DEIA, and wellness travel - making them an incredibly interesting opportunity for travel and hotels in California. Cannabis-themed dining-experiences that cater to either the canna-curious travel audience or the cannabis connoisseur travel audience are taking shape - and they are different vibes. The rapidly growing cannabis-interested travel audience that research has identified is an audience that destinations organizations, hotels, and the travel economy should consistently consider and prepare for, as things evolve. #cannabistravel#cannabistourismCalifornia Travel AssociationCalifornia Hotel & Lodging Association

Emerald Triangle, CA - Cannabis 'Place of Source' Region Showcases Nature and Culture on First-Of-Its Kind Cannabis Travel Adventure

Summary "Experience true cannabis culture in the legendary Emerald Triangle of California on this 4 night, 5 day adventure tour. You will be guided on your journey by locals with a deep knowledge of the area, be invited into their farms and shown their favorite local forests, beaches and river spots. Curated experiences include Farm tour at Sol Spirit Farm, Farm to table dinner at Sol Spirit Farm, Ganjier Cannabis Sommelier led tasting experience, River float trip with the Yurok Nation, Farm tour at Emerald Queen Farm, Infused dinner at Emerald Queen Farm, Lunch at Papa & Barkley Social Cannabis Spa & Consumption Lounge, Guided redwoods tour, Farm Tour and Cannabis Trail Landmark stop at Huckleberry Hill farm, Cannabis Juicing Experience at Five Sisters Farms..." Judi NelsonGanjier#theganjatraveler#effectpairing

Article: Home ETRT

Travel Lens Commentary: Whether grapes, cannabis, or coffee beans - place of source travel destinations are something special. When visiting a true place of source, visitors get to feel and experience how a culture is informed and influenced by an authentic passion for a specific craft - be it creating wine from grapes, hashish from cannabis, or coffee from coffee beans. Cultural nuances evolve in a place of source region, creating a setting/environment that is unique and special for travel experiences and discovery. The Emerald Triangle of northern California is an iconic and globally known place of source destination for cannabis. The craft and the rural-farming communities that surround cannabis in this region are incredibly special and nuanced. True travelers that appreciate immersive hyper-local culture and being a stranger in a strange land will greatly appreciate the Emerald Triangle experience, and this region will increasingly emerge as a crown jewel region for the state of California on the global travel stage. Attention avid travelers - this four night, five day adventure offered here is an experience you will find no where else in the world! I highly recommend. #cannabistravel#cannabistourism#effectpairingcannabisThe Cannabis Trail, Inc.

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