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Check out Brian Applegarth's 12th issue of Cannabis Travel Weekly, republished here with his permission.

CALIFORNIA - Food and Beverage in Cannabis Lounges Elevates Safety and Supports Innovation

Summary: California cannabis users may soon be able to grab food, non-alcoholic beverages and even a live performance at their local dispensary. A new bill proposed by Assemblyman Matt Haney, a Democrat from San Francisco, would legalize the sale of food, beverages and tickets to live performances at cannabis retailers and lounges...localities across the state would have the power to permit the consumption of food and bev, a move that could help cannabis retailers struggling with high taxes and overhead costs. EventHi#cannabistickets#foodandbeverage

Travel Lens Commentary: Suitcases often roll through the door of a cannabis shops or lounges in destinations that offer those experiences. The cannabis lounge visitor that arrives to a cannabis lounge direct from the airport is often dehydrated and hungry, and the patchwork 'dry county, wet county' legalization model fosters this novelty-experience 'direct from the airport' cannabis travel trend. I share all the above to point out the obvious importance of allowing food and beverage sales at cannabis shops and lounges, from a visitor safety point of view. To create an cannabis-consumption space that is inclusive of the ability to purchase food and beverage is the right thing to do, from a safety perspective. It is well known that many cannabis cultivars stimulate appetite and create thirst. #cannabistravel#cannabistourism

KINGSTON, JAMAICA - Bob Marley Cannabis Attraction Goes Live

Summary: "...singer Bob Marley, has had a store opened in his name in Jamaica...the site of the former home and recording studio of the reggae legend who died in 1981. As well as retail sales, the development includes a smoking lounge for museum visitors, with wooden tables and seating surrounded by walls covered in colorful vinyl record artwork created by local artisans. Back in Kingston, the aesthetics and ambience of the Marley Natural Dispensary are underpinned by Marley’s love of the nature that surrounded his home at 56 Hope Road. It is filled with lush green planters and ‘living walls’, and a range of locally sourced natural woods. The vibe is contemporary and relaxed, in line with Marley’s lifestyle. Stephen Marley commented: “ father would be pleased to see this herb house opening at the museum. When I think of how far the world has progressed surrounding attitudes toward cannabis and to finally recognize its many positive qualities—this is exactly what my father and the Rastafarian community has been saying for over 40 years. It’s right that we do this for him and his legacy.” NYRC Tourism JamaicaCoral Cove Wellness ResortBob Marley

Travel Lens Commentary: This is a great example of a modern day cannabis attraction that authentically elevates a cultural story, while promoting the destination and enriching the visitor experience. When I read this, I recalled visiting Ghandi's memorial in Dehli. Bob Marley represents something similar, a spiritual leader who promotes unity, compassion, and consciousness. I was fortunate to experience a Rastafarian township in South Africa and enjoyed sacred herb with the villagers. It was a spiritual experience indeed, the kind of cultural travel experience that stays with you. Both Ghandi and Marley have messages and influence that reaches across cultures, creeds, geography, and generations. By creating this cultural experience attraction, Jamaica just upped the experience offering for the cannabis-interested traveler as well the culture enthusiast and Bob Marley fans. The Jamaican 'herb house' themed cannabis retail shop and lounge with a Bob Marley Museum located at the very home and recording studio location of the reggae legend himself, will be added to the bucket list. #bobmarleyherbhouse Cannabis Travel Association International

CALIFORNIA - First of Its Kind Catering License Will Support Innovation in Hotels, Resorts, Attractions and the Greater Travel Economy of the State

Summary: "...proposes changes to current laws that would authorize the Department of Cannabis Control (of California) to issue a state caterer license authorizing the licensee to serve cannabis or cannabis products at a private event for the purpose of allowing event attendees 21 years of age or older to consume the cannabis or cannabis products. The bill would also limit catering to 36 private events at one single location per year, and require cannabis consumption to not be visible from any public place. Licensed caterers would also be permitted to reuse cannabis from one event at another." #cannabiscateringlicense#californiacannabis

Travel Lens Commentary: Authored by Kalra, the Cannabis Travel Association International (CTAI) and the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA) Association came to together to spearhead AB 471, in California. Modeled after the alcohol catering license that already exists in the state, this is the cannabis version of that. The Cannabis Catering bill AB 471, is intended to serve as a familiar and relatable license type that is often used in hospitality for weddings and private gatherings at hotels, resorts, and other venues and attractions. AB 471 creates a new tool for hospitality and an opportunity that serves the evolution of the travel economy of California, allowing hotels and resorts to differentiate by including cannabis products in a normalized way for private group gatherings. #cannabistravel#cannabistourism

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