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Check out Brian Applegarth's latest issue of Cannabis Travel Weekly, republished here with his permission.

INTERNATIONAL - Cannabis Travel World Fair on Feb 7th and 8th

Summary: Pack your bags and get ready for two days of adventure exploring the growing world of Cannabis Tourism. Be prepared for a virtual travel experience featuring sought-after information from the 2023 CTAI original Cannabis Travel Data Report, fascinating panels, and presentations by international industry experts, activations, and simulated travel experiences.

Travel Commentary: Since 2017, the Cannabis Travel Association International (CTAI) has been growing a global community of experts, innovators, and professionals. The CTAI community is an intersection of three industries - travel, cannabis, and hemp. Hotels, destinations, tour operators, brands, farmers, and visitor economy businesses of all kinds come together to collaborate, educate and advance the cannabis and hemp travel trend, globally. This years annual CTAI event - the Cannabis Travel Worlds Fair - is happening on February 7th and 8th. This virtual event offers two days of dedicated programming that will widen your understanding of cannabis and hemp in the visitor economy - the opportunities, issues, and strategies. #cannabistravelassociation Cannabis Travel Association International

CALIFORNIA - Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages as Part of the California Cannabis Shop and Lounge Experience

Summary: Assemblymember Matt Haney thinks he might have a new way to lure visitors to San Francisco and other places in California: cannabis cafes, like the ones that draw thousands of tourists to Amsterdam each year. Haney introduced legislation to make it easier for cannabis dispensaries to sell food and beverages. Haney's legislation would simply change state law to allow licensed cannabis stores to also sell food, nonalcoholic beverages and tickets for entertainment events. “Many people want to consume cannabis legally while socializing with others, and many want to do it while drinking coffee, eating a muffin or listening to music,” Haney said. “And there is absolutely no good reason from an economic, health, safety or fairness standpoint that the state should make those things illegal.” West Hollywood and desert towns like Palm Springs and Cathedral City have already written local ordinances to allow cannabis cafes if the state permits them. #cannabistravel

Travel Lens Commentary: Evolving the cannabis scene to include food and beverage sales in cannabis shops and lounges is a smart move. It uplifts public safety including the safety of tourists and visitors who decide to imbibe as part of their destination experience. Additionally, food experiences enhanced by THC-rich cannabis is an evolving effect pairing artform itself. Many cannabis cultivars and products, specifically those with an abundance of Myrcene, tend to amplify taste, flavor, smell, and texture - taking a foodie experience to the next level. #cannabisandculinary #enhanceddining #effectpairingcannabis #theganjatravelerCalifornia Travel Association

SONOMA COUNTY - Cannabis and Hemp Destination Development

Summary: Cannabis was included for the first time in the Sonoma County crop report and it showed a remarkable $123 million in cash value ― not including hemp, which is legal under federal law. That makes cannabis the third most valuable crop in Sonoma County. Sonoma County has 24 acres of hemp. There are almost 50 acres of licensed cannabis farms in Sonoma County, which provided a value of $2.45 million per acre on last year’s crop where cannabis was priced at $570 per pound. In contrast, there were 58,761 acres for wine grapes, which provided a $9,220 per acre value. Cannabis growers and their allies said they still feel stigmatized in their treatment compared to other farmers and ranchers. Unlike other crops, cannabis farmers are taxed after harvest, bringing in $1.1 million in revenue for the county last year. Agriculture Commissioner Andrew Smith told the board of supervisors he will include hemp in the full 2022 report and its specific cash value. #destinationdevelopment #cannabistravel #hemptravel #sonomacountycannabis

Travel Lens Commentary: A great article that outlines the destination development opportunity for both cannabis and hemp, two different industries that essentially center around the same plant. Hemp is basically the varietals (or cultivars) of cannabis that have only trace amounts of intoxicating elements and further lean toward industrial sustainable product development like hempcrete, hemp batteries (energy), and more. The numbers quoted above speak for themselves. From taxes, to valuation, to the acreage comparison - powerful information. As destination organizations evolve beyond brand stewards and marketing engines, hemp and cannabis are excellent industries to step into when it comes to destination development and supporting the creation of jobs, uplifting the local community and its residents. #destinationdevelopment #hempindustry #cannabisindustry Destinations International

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