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Welcome cannabis enthusiasts who love to travel!

Every day we encounter professional people, business people, teachers, plumbers, carpenters, government employees, and homemakers who love to travel and stay at 420-friendly locations. We have noticed that folks from all walks of life are coming out of the green closet and want to experience all life can offer. 

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My name is Mr. 420 Friendly, and I'm your cannabis concierge.

Allow us to direct you to the most awesome 420-friendly Resorts, Hotels, Motels, and Bed & Breakfast properties in the United States. Not only do we have great places to stay and consume your cannabis products safely and securely we have a ton of 420-friendly dispensaries, glass shops, and more to enhance your journey. 

420 Friendly Places to Stay

As cannabis laws change nationally, the travel and tourism industry will be radically changed.

Now is the time to list your property.
I hope you want to be a part of this incredible opportunity. Connect with us today.

COMING SOON! More 420 Friendly places to stay around the US

Adult Use States

 Our guests respect property owners’ rules and policies regarding the use of cannabis on their respective properties.

California Link.png
Colorado Link.png
Illionois Link.png
Maine Link.png
Missouri Link.png
Montana Link.png
Nevada Link.png
New York Link.png
Minnesota Link.png

Medical Use Only States

Folks who utilize Medical Cannabis for their health needs deserve a safe and discreet place to stay as they travel. Our 420-friendly properties allow the use of cannabis in safe and secure locations on the property.

Florida Link.png
North Dakota Link.png
South Dakota Link.png

Featured 420 Friendly Properties

Businesses & Organizations

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