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Black Hills Cultivation is a beacon in our local cannabis community.

Located on 1625 Cambell St, Rapid City, South Dakota.

Black Hills Cultivation has all the equipment you need to start your home grow. Tents, lights, AC Infinity environmental controls, and much more.

From beginning to more advanced practices the guys at Black Hills Cultivation will talk with you, and help you set up according to the style of your own grow.

They offer a wide range of nutients for hydro. Kevin can help you dial in nutrient solutions.

They also carry well known soil companies. If you are into mixing your own soil they have the hard to find ingredients.

If you would like a custom order they are more then willing to work with you to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Black Hills Cultivation also hosts High Pines Medical Clinic every Thursday and Friday from 10AM-5:30PM. Walk-Ins Welcome!

If you have been thinking of getting your Medical Cannabis Card please stop by Black Hills Cultivation to start your own personal journey with the medicinal plant Cannabis.

Black Hills Cultivation also hosted the Growers meet and greet. Establishing a friendly network of home growers and commercial growers alike.

Thank You Black Hills Cultivation for shining a positive light on our local Cannabis Community!

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