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In South Dakota the Medical Marijuana program is starting to get its legs.

Many people who voted for the Medical Marijuana program are still hesitant to get their MMJ card.

The Reefer Madness Anxiety and Paranoia takes time to pass. The first time talking to your Dr. may be intimidating and that old feeling will come back.

When we talk openly with our Physicians about the use of Medical Marijuana the conversations will help to normalize the use of Cannabis. These conversations will continue, and eventually our choice to use herbal Cannabis as Medicine will be held with respect.

Still obtaining a MMJ card may require you to locate a Specialized Clinic, the link below will show a list of clinics and practitioners.

Our Friends at The Coughy House Podcast are helping us keep up to date with all of the news and businesses involved in our community.

This video will help answer some questions that many people have, and hopefully will help some pass through that fearful feeling, and continue on the path to safe access.

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