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In the SPOTLIGHT: Stashlogix

Today we are spotlighting a really cool company that specializes in "thoughtful, secure and discreet cases, bags and accessories for an elevated lifestyle." The Colorado-based company has some really neat products you will want to check out!

The Stashlogix story starts with a dad concerned that his young kids might get into his medicine, especially when they were traveling or off camping in the Colorado mountains. He put his engineering skills to work to solve the problem, and the first Stashlogix bag was born.

It didn't take long before all his friends wanted one. So he decided to try an Indiegogo campaign. It was a hit. A company was born.

Since then, Stashlogix has been continuously improving, adding products and learning how to serve responsible consumers looking for high quality 'thoughtful, secure & discreet' products.

Stashlogix products are GUARANTEED FOREVER. With free returns, free exchanges, and free stickers, your purchase is BASICALLY, RISK-FREE.

What are you waiting for? Check out the Stashlogix website right away!

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