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420 Travel is Heating Up

Last week Forbes released an article on the uptick of 420 friendly travel, mentioning that 20% of the traveling public were going 420 if possible. I was sharing this data with a friend of mine who has a 420 Friendly resort, and his response was, “ I only want one percent of that.” In other words, this is going to be huge, not only here in South Dakota but for other travel and destination locations across the nation.

Are you the motel, hotel, resort, or b&b owner who wants to learn more about opening your establishment to 420 travelers? I have successfully flipped several hospitality properties to 420-friendly operations and would love to help you tap into the incredible market of 420-friendly travelers.

Summer is on. Summer travel is heating up. Tap into new markets. 420 Friendly Travel is the way to go.

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