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420 Friendly Travel

I love to travel, and as a business owner, I love to make my trips a mixture of business and pleasure. After all, life is in the journey! Colorado has always been one of my favorite places to travel and do business, so when cannabis became legal there, it gave me even more cause to work a little harder at digging up some new clients so I could go there more often.

Knowing an expansion of my business territory was going to cost me something (you have to spend money to make money, right?), and yet, not wanting to break the bank, I developed a plan. I would need to be very cash conscious, especially since I was going to be purchasing some of the benefits of Colorado green on these joy rides. So I started to explore all my options.

First, I was going to need a place to stay. Hmmm. Hotels or sleep in my car? Then I found out that one cannot just simply enjoy the benefits of cannabis anywhere; that, in fact, it can only be enjoyed on private property. So much for hotels, since they are still very much against the idea of cannabis. And the car wouldn’t work either, since I did not know anyone in Colorado.

That is when I started getting extremely creative. I discovered I could stay in someone’s spare bedroom at about half the cost of a hotel. Immediately, I began connecting with and engaging 420 friendly people in Colorado who offer a spare bedroom for a couple of nights. I booked my first room in the home of a delightful couple who lived in Greeley.

Fast forward to a few days later. Within minutes of arriving, my host, Jonas, and I were getting me settled into my room, and then we headed to the kitchen table to get acquainted. While chatting with Jonas, he pulled out this great big bong loaded with some very fine home-grown bud. I knew I had found what I believed was heaven here on earth. Not only did Jonas and his sweet wife, Becca, become very dear friends of mine. They hired me for my business consulting services.

Another time, I opted to stay at the Antique Inn in Sedgwick, Colorado. What a wonderful time I had getting to know the owner, Lupe Casias, and her story! Since that first nights' stay, I have been a guest many, many times.I could literally spend the next several pages telling you story after story of the wonderful benefits that have come to me and my business as I expanded my territory.

Traveling to do business in Colorado became a genuine pleasure that got me back to the state ten times in the first year. Each trip I stayed in a different home, and each experience was most incredible. I fell in love with the concept of staying in the homes of 420 friendly people with who I naturally share a kindred cannabis connection.

Since staying in a home of 420 friendly folks was a third of the cost of a hotel, the money I saved on lodging, allowed me funds to purchase some really fine bud, edibles, and vape pens that “touched me to the core” on my journey to open and implement the territory expansion strategies of my business.

I believe I have executed my business travels in a very creative, cost-effective manner. Now, I am thinking it is time to expand my business into Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, and maybe even Alaska, as I journey through the next few years of my life.

So what are you waiting for? I have a ton of stories to tell on my cannabis journey, and how you can benefit from cannabis “420 friendly” travel. Keep checking back for new posts on our blog at

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